Hello, I am Meir, you may see me by alias Meirk (and then there’s another one you may also encounter). I’ve been not writing, but sometimes writing, for this blog for a few years now. In fact, it is I who founded this blog, with the ambiguous goal of “bettering my writing”. I guess you can say my writing has been bettered. I guess you can also say that having a website is a mark of sophistication, therefore I am sophisticated, however the latter is debatable. The last thing I guess you could say is that I write into this blog because people find it enjoyable, I don’t know why you would do such a thing, but I couldn’t stop you.

Other than that, you can see I have a strong interest in streetcars and electric rail transit, though some of my other interests have surfaced in cases here. I am also not a genius, and often learn from each blogpost as much as you do.

Since the start of this blog I have been, and currently still am located in metropolitan Boston. You can contact me via the contact page, or the dedicated email.

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