General Misc


Post Contents:

Each system review will contain the following elements, though this is not final, and you may suggest your ideas in the comments.

  • Prologue
  • Entry
    • System location
    • System overview and statistics
    • Systems complemented
    • Frequency
    • Fares
  • History
    • Pictures
  • Analyzation
    • Frequency
    • Intermodality
    • Character
    • Type

Hopefully this will provide a full and thorough overview of the system without being too consuming to write.

What defines a system? A system will be defined depending on how it is branded by the operator, for example, trams in Portland, Oregon will be considered two systems, and the same for Seattle, as the “Light Rail” is marked differently from the “Streetcar” on maps and considered a different mode of transport, while trams in Los Angeles will be considered as one, as they’re all branded as lines of one Rapid Transit system.


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